How Janitorial Bidding Software Assists With The Bidding Process}

How Janitorial Bidding Software Assists with the Bidding Process


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Whether you’re cleaning industrial facilities, commercial offices, or property management locations, you need to create a winning bid before you can start the job. In order to do this, you should use janitorial bidding software to help you. As you go through the steps of creating and submitting your bid, you can consider all of the ways the software can help you:

Meet with the Client

Before you create your bid, you need to meet with the client at his or her facility. This will give you an opportunity to start building a relationship with the client and their company. Ask to tour the facility and discuss the needs of the various rooms and areas of the building. Using your software, you can make notes of the types of flooring, number of bathrooms, and other details that will be important to know when making your bid. Figure out what the square footage of the area is and the number of rooms that you’ll be cleaning. The software will keep all of this information for you, so you can refer to it later.

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Outline a Plan

As you outline the plan, you should work to reduce costs for you and your client while working to maintain excellent results. Think about the number of times each week that you need to do each activity. You may want to break down the prices for the client, so he or she will understand that waxing the floor will cost a certain amount each time that you complete this task. By seeing these numbers broken down, the client may decide to only have the floors waxed every 2 or 3 days. While outlining the plan, you should also consider the equipment, cleaning supplies, and transportation time required for the job. You can create your outline in the software, so you don’t forget any of the parts that should be included.

Assign Personnel

After you have a better idea of what needs to be done for the client, you should consider the number of people that you’ll need to hire for the job. Consider the time it will take for your personnel to complete the job. You’ll need to decide if it will be more efficient to have 1 employee work for longer or to have several employees working for a shorter period of time. Then, your software can help you calculate the hourly costs for your personnel that you should charge to your client. You can use the software to communicate with your employees and schedule them, so you can plan accordingly.

Create the Bid

With all of the information considered and added to your software, you can come up with a winning bid for the client. You should produce a letter addressed to the business owner, commercial property owner, or property management director. Outline the job with all of the tasks to be completed. You should itemize each task with a schedule for when the task will be performed, so the client will understand how often it will be done. The fees should be itemized with the final price included the cost of supplies, equipment, personnel, transportation, and other things.

If you’re going to have a successful janitorial company, you need to win bids with potential clients. You can use janitorial bidding software to help you through the bidding process and ensure that you produce a professional bid that your client will understand and want to choose over other companies that he or she is considering hiring. Once you’ve won the bid, you can use the software to ensure that you deliver the results that you promised in your bid so you can build your reputation and your company.

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How Janitorial Bidding Software Assists with the Bidding Process }

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